If your name on your ticket does not match with your passport, you will be denied boarding. Always double check if your name is spelled correct. 

The airlines' systems read your names in a particular order. For example: Maria van der Bilt will be VANDERBILT/MARIAMRS. This might seem odd, but actually is perfectly fine. 

Therefore, no name change is needed if:

  • Iyou have multiple first names. Your full first name as stated in your passport is sufficient. Doubts about your first name? Please contact the airline;
  • no spaces appear in between your names;
  • ‘MR’, ‘MRS’, ‘MISS’ of ‘MSTR’ is added to your names. This indicates your gender.

Still made a mistake? We might be able to change your name. However, name changes are very expensive. Log in to your MijnTix profile to provide us with your correct name. We will look into your request and contact you by phone as soon as possible about your options and the costs involved.

Do you agree with the costs involved with the name change? You will then receive a paylink directly, which needs to paid within 6 hours. If you think the costs involved are too high, we will leave your booking untouched.

We cannot process your name change if:

  • your flight is already departed;
  • you want someone else to travel on your ticket. This is never allowed